In any office or workspace, inevitably something needs to be moved. A person needs to be able to move around in their office without issue. Medical office equipment should be available to be moved from room to room. Toolboxes need to be wheeled around. Easily transport and move heavy items with the help of stainless steel caster wheels. Here are some things to consider when searching for the right caster for your business.


What you plan to use the caster wheels for has an impact on what type to purchase. Consider the weight, usage, and location the casters are used in before determining a product to purchase. For more information on the difference between wheels and casters, see this Quora forum.


How much weight the stainless steel caster wheels need to support impacts the type, look and size of the wheel needed. Wheels designed to distribute weight evenly can support heavier loads without cracking or buckling.


Where the casters operate can influence your purchase decision. Consider environmental factors such as moisture and temperature. Casters are available to handle a variety of conditions from the lightweight point of purchase displays to medium duty furniture moving to heavy duty industrial applications. The type of floor can impact the ability of the caster to move correctly. Choose one that easily moves across the surface.


Depending on where the caster wheels are used, you may want to consider the speed or noise. Perhaps they need to be able to move slower or faster. Loud creaking wheels tend to echo in large warehouse spaces. A quiet office space may need silent movement in order not to disturb other workers. Casters are available that are non-marking like the wheels on many office chairs.

With the wide variety of casters available, it is helpful to enlist the expertise of someone trained in casters and their unique purposes. Someone with experience can help you look at the requirements you have and match them to the perfect wheel for your project.

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