Are gummies as effective as traditional pills?


Vitamins gummies are manufactured to be the sweeter alternative to the regular vitamin pills designed hoping that people will be more enthusiastic to consume them. But as far as health benefits are concerned, they’re nowhere even around. Delta 8 gummies are the best flavored gummies in the market for relaxation of the mind and body.

For your information and surprise, gummy vitamins have fewer vitamins than regular vitamins such as pills or capsules or liquid.

But it is mostly impossible to figure out what amount of nutritional benefit you’re actually getting from a gummy vitamin.

This is due to the fact that gummy vitamins have lesser shelf life and turn less potent with time. To make sure that they have minimum of as many nutrients and vitamins as their packaging and marketing claim, manufacturers pack the containers with extra vitamins than mentioned on the label, which results in the wear off of their strength with passing time.

Even though the label claims that it has a given amount of vitamins but in reality you are usually not getting what’s claimed on the packaging.

Gummy vitamins and kids

Children are drawn towards consuming gummies naturally, because of the sweetness and candy-like appearance and taste of gummy vitamins, but for adults, it’s better to steer clear.

If your child has an issue swallowing or consuming traditional pills, try eating chewable vitamins before moving to gummies. There’s a little more edibility in chewable. The chalky taste of the chewable is not as appealing as chewing a gummy, but the vitamin from a chewable is worth it.

What to try instead of gummy vitamins

Instead of eating gummies, try consuming traditional vitamins just by consuming them with your meals but take only after exercising and also reduce your dosage.

And keep in mind that you might not have to consume all those vitamins. Just consume those which your body is deficient of.

Vitamins aren’t something that physicians & nutritionists prescribe on an everyday basis for humans who are already healthy and getting their vitamins and minerals from food.”

They are some of the exceptions. There may be people who need supplements if their doctor detects a deficiency in their body and not otherwise.

If your doctor has recommended you to take vitamins, ask them to also suggest you some options to understand what you type and form is best for you. If you’re not able to consume your vitamins in capsule or liquid form, gummy vitamins might be the way to go for you.

For people who need vitamins but aren’t willing to take, smiley face gummies are better than not consuming vitamins at all. So keep in mind that people who are in utter need of supplements should only consume them.

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